Hold on, before you move to an API Gateway, let me walk you through what an API is! But if you are someone who does not wish to read that part, I would want to keep you in the present context. Hence, you can either continue to read, or check out my article on what is API.

What is an API Gateway?

An API gateway is essentially a reverse proxy , which accepts all the API calls from client(s), and re-directs them based on the routing protocols to the backend servers. They then aggregate the server’s response, and return the result to the client.


An API stands for Application Programming Interface. As per it’s definition, it serves as an interface between one software product and another. Essentially, it is a set of programming code that enables data transmission between two or more software products or applications. It also contains the terms for this data exchange.

A really easy real life example would be — imagine you have received an event invited email on your Gmail. Now you have an option to add this event to your Google calendar directly from the email. All you have to do it click a single button!

But now…

I stumbled upon this question — why do I need HAProxy when it serves nearly the same function AWS ELB (Amazon Web Services — Elastic Load Balancer), and sometimes even that of the application load balancer. I could get to the right answer after dedicating a good time to the search, one which finally was convincing.

Before I go ahead with the 3 reasons as to why HAProxy is used with AWS ELB, let us cover few basic terminologies.

What is AWS ELB?

AWS Elastic Load Balancer (ELB) automatically distributes incoming application traffic across multiple targets. These can be Amazon EC2 instances, containers or…

A lot of big names in the tech industry are investing and innovating to get self driving or autonomous cars on our roads. Millions of Dollars are being spent on the research involved. And at times, maybe thousands in payback to those involved in accidents occurring due to the failure of such “smart” cars undergoing trials.

Photo by Richard Goff on Unsplash

Automation has brought revolution in many industries. Not only has it reduced the labor costs, but also helped in achieving more accurate and consistent outcomes. Oh, not to forget — with fewer accidents involved.

However, if we look at the other side of it…

I am pretty sure that I have read more than 500 pieces of articles till date in my life, where to-do lists are presented as a productive tool, bound to kill the procrastinator within you, and transform you from a lazy brat into an action taking human!

Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash

Well, I am also sure that a majority of you would be thinking, “Hey, we have read such things too…” and before some of you start to think that why is this guy not able to use to-do lists to his good, let me politely ask you to pause on that train of…

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