Do We Really Need Self Driving Cars?

Photo by Richard Goff on Unsplash

How do they Work — Lay(wo)man terms!

Apart from the usual machinery, a self driving car would comprise of a huge number of sensors. These sensors collect real time data — take into consideration the nearby environment and based on how the decision making is programmed, the car moves.

How safe these cars are?

A leading company, which says it’s fleet has driven more than 10 million miles, just for getting the brains to make right decisions on the road — has to say this on safety-

  • New York City could present a large crowd, not organized in the best way and moving hustling on bicycles, or walking and crossing with lattes in their hands!
  • A sudden parade might spring up if you are driving around the Nanjing Road in China.
  • Or there might not be well defined roads at all, if you are in a town in Uttar Pradesh, an Indian state.

Is there a Need for Self Driving Cars?

The learning and miles needed to be driven is not an issue in itself. But if you think of the money, fuel and time involved in this procedure, you might not actually concur to that it’s worth it.

  • Would be useful while one is drunk and needs to drive back home.
  • Would be useful to drive around a group of people where no one knows driving.
  • Kill the need of a driving licence, globally!
  • Eradicate stress due to driving in bumper to bumper traffic.

Else, there will be too many debts to pay!



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Shantanu Sharma

Shantanu Sharma

Software Engineer | YouTube @ Pedal-Pupper | Love to pen down my perspectives!